Automatic Driving Lessons & Courses

Why Learn to Drive an Automatic?

Automatic vehicles have no clutch pedal, and all you have to do with the gear selector is select D (Drive) before moving away and gears are selected automatically as you drive along. With the problem of choosing and selecting gears out of the way you will be able to channel your concentration on planning ahead, steering and anticipating what other road user might do, generally making driving much easier.

Learn in Less Time

Automatic cars take less time to learn to drive than manual vehicles, this can be of benefit to those who wish to learn quickly and those who have found difficulty in driving manual vehicles with gear selection or clutch problems. Why have the stress of gears when the automatic car will take care of them for you.

Is Auto for you?

If you would like to just try an automatic car without commitment to see if it will benefit you, then take the Automatic Introduction Session, lasting around 2 hours at a cost of £75, your instructor will explain the auto controls and you can then experience different road situations to get a good idea of the benefits of auto. You can then go away and consider whether or not auto is the future for you.

The Future is Automatic

In 2021, 54% of new vehicles sold in the UK were Automatic, this figure is set to rise rapidly with the increase of alternative fueled vehicles. A number of leading motor manufacturers have indicated that they will no longer be producing manual cars including Mercedes and Volvo.

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